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Historic Hospitals of Edinburgh

As a youngster back in the 90s, I had to visit the hospital as an out-patient (after an operation) on several occasions. Back then it was the Edinburgh City Hospital, based in Colinton, which closed in the middle of my visits, where I then got transferred for check-ups at St John’s in Livingston. As a… Continue Reading →

What Came First, the Tradition or the Egg?

Easter and Its Links to Other Traditions This weekend is the Christian festival of Easter. I grew up in a small Scottish town, where, at a young age, I occasionally went to Sunday School. There, and in the spaces I grew up, I learnt a bit about that guy you may know, Jesus, who was… Continue Reading →

From Saturn to Santa

Celebrations around mid-winter and the winter solstice go far back in history, being marked in many ways, longer than the 2,000 since the stated birth of Christ. In the year 340AD, Pope Julius I fixed the date of Jesus’s birthday to 25 December, with at least three other dates being used to mark the date… Continue Reading →


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Hi, I’m Lucy. I like to learn about random topics and weird historical facts, from the slightly obscure to the slightly more morbid. And apparently I like photos of my feet on the ground. Visit the Why So Curious? page for more info!

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