Historic Hospitals of Edinburgh

As a youngster back in the 90s, I had to visit the hospital as an out-patient (after an operation) on several occasions. Back then it was the Edinburgh City Hospital, based in Colinton, which closed in the middle of my visits, where I then got transferred for check-ups at St Johnโ€™s in Livingston. As a... Continue Reading →

A Lister Surgical Instruments

('A list' of, geddit?!) As part of my University degree, I studied Early Modern History, and one specific topic was medicine and beliefs around that period, sparking more interest in a subject I was already fascinated by. Being born in Edinburgh, and resident here for the last 16 years, has made me notice more regarding... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Pendant

This weekโ€™s post is a little different. I am going to share a story from a friend, a wee story of mystery and intrigue via the discovery of a family pendant. Image: Stanhope necklace pendant, thought to be made c. 1870sPhoto credit: L Morrison โ€œA woman used to live inside that pendantโ€ Being told this... Continue Reading →

Street names of Edinburgh

There are some clear origins of street names in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile called as such due to it being from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood Palace, for the length of (almost exactly) a mile*, Hanover Street named after the monarchs at the time of its construction, like many others in the New Town (more... Continue Reading →

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